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NO. 1

ZIBY Slingshot Ammo Balls 2000 Pcs, Biodegradable Clay Slingshot Ammo, Soil Color

  • The slingshot ammo were made of pottery clay and based on nature, non-toxic, tasteless, biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
  • Slingshot balls were made of high temperature baking process with high hardness, better moisture resistance. Easy to dissolve in water, can leave in your yard, garden or anywhere you used.
  • The hard clay ball surface wrapped with a smooth layer of ceramic clay mud, keep your hands clean in using.
  • Slingshot ammo balls diameter is 9mm-10mm, 3/8 inch, fits on most kinds of slingshot. Package has 2000 pcs, can be used for a long time. Package has a cotton bag to carry the slingshot ammo, free hand during using.
  • Medium weight, special process made round shape, keep the running trajectory well and effective to close target.
NO. 3

L Continue Slingshot Ammo About 1000 PCS,1/2”(About 13mm),Biodegradable Hard Clay Ball

  • 【What You Get in the Package】:You can get about 1,000 1/2 inch (13mm) Red biodegradable clay balls of uniform shape and size. It also includes a portable drawstring bag that can be taken away.
  • 【Superior Quality clay Material】:Made from a biodegradable clay material, it dissolves after heavy rains and does not require cleaning.
  • 【Perfect Compatibility With Most Slingshots】:high quality biodegradable clay is regular in shape, maintains good movement, and is compatible with most slingshots.
  • 【Special Non-stick Handicraft】:there is a layer of high temperature calcined clay on the surface of the degradable earth ball, which is non-stick to hands and ensures the cleanliness of hands.
  • 【Customer First】:if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will be the first time wholeheartedly for you to solve.
NO. 4

Avler 1/2 Inch (.50 Caliber) Steel Bearing Balls for Slingshot Ammo (Pack of 100)

  • Material: Chrome Steel
  • Weight: 8.4g each
  • 100% Round. No flat spots
  • Size: 1/2″ Diameter (.50 Caliber) (12.7mm)
NO. 5

Marbles Cats Eyes Glass Marble / Sling Shot Ammo 1000 pcs. Size is Approximately 5/8″,DIY and Home Decoration.

  • Excellent Sling Shot Ammo!
  • The marbles in this set can be used in games of skill, traded with friends or for the simple pleasure of studying their unique patterns.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Made of 100% glass.
  • For Ages 6 and up – Fun for the whole family! – Size is approximately 5/8″
NO. 6

cyrico Slingshot Ammo, 1600 PCS Biodegradable Clay Slingshot Ammo 3/8 Inch, Natural Hard Clay Balls 9-10mm

  • BIODEGRADABLE & DISSOLVABLE MATERIAL – Made of pottery clay, these slingshot ammo clay balls are natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. High temperature baking process equips slingshot balls with high hardness and better moisture resistance. Easy to dissolve in water after 12 hours. Slingshot ammo balls are clay practice rounds so they break apart when hitting a target(stump, tree trunk, rock, what have you). If you miss, slingshot ammos eventually dissolve in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • SAFE & RICOCHET RESISTANT – Have you ever encountered rebounce and then hit nearby buildings, windows, people or even yourself? Well, cyrico slingshot clay balls can let you totally get rid of these hazards. Compared with steel balls, these clay slingshot balls hit the wall of nature fracture safely, which can greatly reduce the risk of a ricochet. A great learning tool for kids to practice shooting ability and suitable for hunting or shooting little hamsters and small birds.
  • PERFECT SIZE & SHAPE TO FIT ON MOST SLINGSHOTS – 7/20″-3/8″(9-10mm)diameter works with most kinds of slingshots. Round shape can well keep the running trajectory and enable you to aim at and close targets fast, effectively and accurately. These clay balls for slingshots are easy to assemble and can provide enough power for you to shoot. Note: Some of the hard clay balls in the package may be a little smaller or larger than 9-10mm diameter.
  • 1600 PCS & POLYESTER DRAWSTRING BAG PACKAGING – Are you always tired of carrying heavy slingshot ammo? cyrico slingshot clay pellets are medium weight and are lighter than steel balls. There are 2 packs of balls for slingshot, which are sturdily and conveniently packaged in a polyester drawstring bag to keep them dry and free your hands during use. Each pack comes with 800 black slingshot ammo balls and 800 brown slingshot ammo balls that can be used for a long time.
  • BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We take every customer’s satisfaction very seriously. If for ANY reason our slingshot ammo balls doesn’t live up to your expectations, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you assist all of your concerns. Quality and your satisfaction is our top priority.
NO. 7

QZsteelball 600pcs 7/16inch Steel Ball Slingshot Ammo 11.11mm Precision Steel Bearing Balls

  • Size:7/16inch(11.1125mm)
  • Material:Carbon Steel AISI 1015
  • Qty:600 pcs
  • Weight:7.75 lb
  • level:G1000
NO. 8

(1,000 Pieces) PGN – Biodegradable Slingshot Ammo 1/2″ Inch (0.5″ Caliber) Precision Hard Clay Balls

  • Quantity per Package: 1,000 Pcs
  • Diameter: 1/2″, 0.5″ inches (12.7 millimeter)
  • Weight: 0.11 ounces (3.118 grams)
  • Shoots Straight and Hit Harder
  • Extremely Precise and Smooth
NO. 9

3000pcs 1/4″ 6.35mm Precision Steel Bearing Balls Steel Ball Slingshot Ammo

  • Size: 1/4″(6.35 mm),the size is suitable, shooting powerfully
  • Professional competition slingshot ammunition, air gun bullets
  • Material:carbon steel,AISI1015
  • level:G1000
  • Quantity:3000pcs,that’s a good deal
NO. 10

1000 Qty 3/8″ Inch Steel Shot Slingshot Ammo Balls

  • Great ammo for most slingshots
  • Suitable for slingshot hunting or target shooting
  • Smooth shape for great feel and long flight

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