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NO. 1

MAOMBO Artificial Turf Stakes Galvanized Metal Spiral Landscape Spikes for Fake Landscaping Grass, 35 Count, Outdoor, Heavy-Duty, Rust Resistant Security, 6-Inch Long,Anchoring Spikes

  • These 6-inch-long synthetic turf nails have threaded surfaces that help hold and protect artificial, fake and artificial outdoor grass, keeping it clean, safe and orderly.
  • These nail coatings feature a sturdy, weather-resistant coating that will not rust, corrode or crack after many years of use.
  • Great for timber spikes/nails, tent stakes, paver/landscape edging, wood outdoor steps & more
  • The spiral design provides better friction and stability, is strong and not easy to loose.
  • 35 pack, suitable for any soil type!
NO. 2

MAOMBO Metal Turf Nails 70 Pcs 6-Inch Landscape Stakes, Spiral Galvanized Landscape Spikes, Garden Nails for Artificial Turf, Paver Edging, Weed Barrier, Lawn Edging,Carpentry and More

  • Includes: 70 pack of metal spiral 6-inch landscape edging anchoring spikes
  • Durable:Made of sturdy metal, galvanized surface, will not rust easily, can be reused with long-term storage
  • Characteristic:Spiraled design firmly anchors your spikes into the ground, keep your edging design securely in place
  • High quality:This metal spikes is harder than nylon spikes and will not rust,help you design the garden more beautifully
NO. 3

findTop Set of 60, Plastic Garden Stakes Anchors and Stainless Steel Garden Staples, 8 Inch Plastic Landscape Anchoring Spikes and 6 Inch 11 Gauge Galvanized Landscape Sod Stakes for Tarps & Tents

  • PLASTIC GARDEN STAKES ANCHORS- 8″ Inch Sturdy Plastic Stakes are commonly used with paver and other landscape projects. They will not peel or rust.
  • STAINLESS STEEL GARDEN STAPLES- Galvanized Steel Rugged Landscape Staple/Pins are made with 11 Gauge (3.0mm) Steel. It can last many years re-usable as new, save your money in the long run.
  • EASY TO USE- Designed for installation with a rubber mallet or by hand based on soil density.
  • MULTIPURPOSE- Both PP spikes and metal pins can be used for many occasions. Ranging from yard work, landscape edging, fabric, gardening fence, tent set up and more.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES- 30 PCS Plastic Garden Stakes Anchors; 30 PCS Galvanized Garden Staples.
NO. 4

FOMMEN Artificial Turf Stakes Silver Gray Metal Spiral Landscape Spikes for Fake Landscaping Grass, 40 Count, Outdoor, Heavy-Duty, Rust Resistant Security, 6-Inch Long, Spike Timber Nail

  • Metal anti rusty nails, to protect your artificial turf, wood, soil infiltration easily
  • Metal nail adopt high quality steel, will not rust easily, long service life and can be reused, and long-term storage
  • Sharp head easily penetrate any help you work, the spiral design can increase the strength, it is not easy to fall off, big hat, won’t hurt your fingers
  • Peak landscape edge can be used in mining, paver, garden accessories, tents, etc
  • Combination: 40 per pack
NO. 5

BlizeTec 100 Pax 6″ Inch Newly Enhanced Performance Heavy Duty ABS Plastic Landscape Anchoring Spikes Nail + Galvanized Staples Pins; Garden, Yard Fabric, Paver Edging, Weed Barrier & Turf Work Ready

  • 🌱UPGRADED SPIKES: New improved ABS stakes as of May 2021. 2-in-1 investment; Package including 50 industrial strength ABS plastic stakes(6 inche) and 50 metal galvanized staples (6 inche)
  • 🌱MULTIPURPOSE: Both ABS spikes and metal pins can be used for many occassions. Ranging from yard work, landscape edging, fabric, gardening fence, tent set up and more.
  • 🌱DURABLE BUILD: Suitable for use with all soil types. BlizeTec staples and stakes are solidly built and can withstand harsh weather during windy and rainy conditions.
  • 🌱OUTDOOR FRIENDLY: ABS spikes are commonly used with paver and other landscape projects whereas the 11 gauge U shaped sod staples are best for securing erosion blankets or geotextiles in place.
  • 🌱EASY DIY KIT: BT333LST are high strength composite. You can flexibly control the height and depth of the stakes and staples or simply customize depends on your preference.
NO. 6

UPlama 100PCS Garden Galvanized Ground Staples Landscape Sod Stakes, 6″ Garden Stakes/Spikes/Pins/Pegs, Anchor Pins U-Shaped Garden Securing Pegs for Anchoring Tents Landscape Fabric

  • SHARP END – 6″ long Steel Staples have Sharp beveled ends make it easier/quicker to fully insert into the ground soil with less force
  • No bent when pushed into the lawn/hard soil ground. Rugged Landscape Staple/Pins are Made with 2.5mm Steel
  • Save your money in the long run. Galvanized Steel
  • COUNTLESS USES – Anchor your gardening fabric, plastic, edging, chain link fences, lighting, electric wires, holiday decoration wire, drip irrigation tubing, solar, LED, spotlights, cable, controller, timer, charger, valve
  • Stop dog digging in your gardens or beds or to hold down a boundary or perimeter fence to stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers, and also to secure deer and bird nets. Useful in cactus, succulent, and Japanese gardens to hold down landscape fabric or plastic to keep weeds out of rocks and plants
NO. 7

BlizeTec 50 Pax 6″ Inch ABS Plastic Edging Nail Stake Landscape Anchoring Spikes for Paver Edging, Weed Barrier, Artificial Turf and More

  • 🌱 BUILT TO LAST: Design in Canada. Ultra durable 6″ ABS plastic spike that can withstand any heavy use and harsh environment; Suitable for all soil types.
  • 🌱 EFFORTLESS YARD WORK: Unlike other PP plastic spikes, ABS spikes are impact resistant and guarantee to make your yard work experience fun yet reliable.
  • 🌱 MULTIPURPOSE: Your all in one edging nail stake ranging from yard work, outdoor fixtures, landscape project, weed fabric, gardening fence, tent set up and more.
  • 🌱 VALUE INVESTMENT: Our price is not the cheapest, but we guarantee our quality. BT311NLS can withstand any adverse conditions and is reusable and rust resistant.
  • 🌱 INVEST IN QUALITY: BlizeTec is trademark protected and our ABS spikes are mallet friendly and all season friendly. You can easily store them for future projects.
NO. 8

Mighty-Spikes – Made in The USA – 100 Pack Black – 6″ Super Strong Stakes for Garden, Landscape Fabric, Artificial Turf, Tarps & Tents, Camping, Staples, Pins, Break & Bend Resistant, Will Never Rust

  • Strong Polycarbonate Plastic – Universal Applications
  • Packaged in Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags with Hang Hole
  • Unique US Patented Design
  • Will Never Rust
  • Made in the USA
NO. 9

Dimex EasyFlex Plastic 24 Count Spiral Nylon Landscape Anchoring Spikes, 8-Inch (1989N-24C)

  • EASYFLEX LANDSCAPE EDGING ANCHORING SPIKES: Create a beautifully landscaped yard without having to hire a professional – easily secure No-Dig Landscape Edging and landscape fabric with these spiral spikes
  • INCLUDES: 24 pack of nylon spiral 8-inch landscape edging anchoring spikes
  • SPIRAL SPIKES: Spiraled design firmly anchors your spikes into the ground, reducing the risk of movement from frost heaves and heavy rain to keep your edging design securely in place
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF: Hammer into No-Dig Edging or weed fabric with a mallet, spacing about 4 feet apart – strong enough for commercial use, yet easy enough for at home projects
  • DURABLE: Unlike metal, plastic spikes won’t rust or deteriorate – reusable and easy to store in your gardening shed for future projects
NO. 10

Gator Spiral Metal Nails for Landscape Edging Anchoring Spikes. Spiraled for Penetration and Grip (60, 12 Inch Nail)

  • Gator landscape and Paver edging Nails are Spiraled for penetration and grip.
  • Premium Heavy Duty Extra Thick Large Stake – Extra Large Striking Surface Head
  • Landscape Spike, Spiral Shank, Hot Dip Galvanized, 10-inch x 0-Gauge (.325) with 9/16 Round Flat Head, Diamond Point

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