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NO. 1

Hops and Grain Muslin Steeping Bag – Cotton Mills Beer Brewing Bags 14″ (100 Count) – Microbrew, Homebrew Filtering Accessories – Boiling Bags For Tea, Cooking, Nut Milk, Soups – Hop and Grains Socks

  • THE STRENGTH OF MUSLIN: With many hop filtering bags on the market, it’s hard to figure out which ones to buy. Filters are a great method to extract hops when making homemade beer. Common materials include mesh, nylon, or muslin fabric. Muslin bags are the best of the three due to the durability, permeability, and stretchy disposition of the material. Normally 14”, our hop boiling bags extend up to 26” in length. It also holds up to 3 ounces of hop pellets and one pound of grain.
  • A NO-FUSS EXTRACTION METHOD: Whether you are using hop pellets, whole hops, or whole grains, it’s more convenient to use a filtering system than submerging them directly into the brew. Homebrew beer filters are ideal because you get the same extraction of flavors without worrying about the pellets or grain getting stuck in the homebrew equipment. Simply pull out your muslin bag when you’ve reached optimal flavor displacement. This method greatly diminishes the hassle of build-up and clean-up.
  • CUT BACK ON EXPENSES AND WASTE: At Cotton Millz, we’re firm believers in doing what we can to cut back on environmental waste. We encourage everyone to use our bags more than once to support our efforts to be eco-friendly. These muslin steeping grain socks are reusable and washable, so you can use them more than once without the bags losing their integrity or becoming ineffective. They are stain resistant and odor-free as well, so reusing a bag won’t influence the taste of your beer.
  • INCREASE SURFACE AREA FOR MORE TASTE: Extracting the flavor of hops is an integral part of the beer-making process. Used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent, hops impart bitter, zesty, and citric flavours, making the undertones of your craft come alive. You need to optimize surface area for your pellets to work properly. Our cotton bags are stretchy and porous which means you don’t need to worry about your hops or grain being confined, decreasing surface area and, ultimately, taste.
  • NOT JUST FOR BEER: While we created these home brewing supplies for craft beer enthusiasts, these muslin bags are incredibly versatile, lending themselves to all sorts of uses from loose leaf tea steeping to making herb sacks for soups and stews. These can be used as almond milk and juice bags as well. Muslin material is better than the ever-popular cheese cloth because it is stronger and more stretchy. Use the Cotton Millz easy-to-use bags for all sorts of projects and creations in the kitchen.
NO. 4

100PCS Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Net Food Packaging Seafood Boil Bags,Plastic Mesh Produce and Crab Boil Pot, 24 Inch,Reusable Mesh Nylon Netting for Vegetables Produce (Green)

  • 🕸️【FOOD STORAGE CONVENIENCE】24 Inch long nylon netting bag- reusable Bag is great for all kinds of food,such as onions, veggies, fruit, seafood etc.
  • 🕸️【PERFECT FOR COOKING SEAFOOD】These mesh bags can be used of boiling or steaming shellfish such as clams, mussels, or crawfish. By keeping the seafood in the bag, the whole bag can be lowered into the pot. Instead of taking the time to scoop each item out after cooking, the whole bag can be removed quickly and easily. These bags are completely safe to use in boiling water.
  • 🕸️【HEAT-SEALED BOTTOM, OPEN TOP】Each plastic mesh produce bags is heat sealed on the bottom to keep the bag shut. The top is open and does not have a tie or drawstring. Plastic mesh bags can be closed by tying a knot. Nylon produce bag can be reused, as there is no need to cut them open!
  • 🕸️【MULTI-FUNCTION 】Storage mesh bags perfect for packaging vegetable, nuts, or fruit.Not only uesd for drying and storing garlic or nuts.But also you can use these bags tying up plant vines and stalks for hanging up growing fruit or vegetable that climb up fencing. Garden Produce bags help take the weight off the stems. Growing yield fruit in the air keeps predators from eating them and this green mesh bags makes this possible.
  • 🕸️【CUT DOWN ON WASTE】The plastic mesh fabric of our bags ensures complete breathability. Allowing produce such as onions and potatoes to breathe helps increase their lifespan. Less food waste means more savings!
NO. 5

Wowfit 100 CT 12×18 inches 1 Mil Clear Plastic Flat Open Poly Bags Great for Proving Bread, Dough, Storage, Packaging and More (12 x 18 inches)

  • VALUE AND QUALITY —For home or business use where light, refrigeration storage is necessary, these flat extra strength clear poly bags exceed expectation.
  • GREAT WAY TO STOCK UP—never be without just the right bag for Christmas baking, classroom treats, or candy favors. Appropriate for food but can be used for small craft items, etc too.
  • NOT TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL—these bags measure 12 x 18 inch (opening on 12 inch) with a durable 1 mil thickness.
  • FOOD-GRADE CONTAINER—bags meet all requirements for safely storing food and can be heat sealed or closed with twist ties(NOT included).
  • STURDY AND MULTI-PURPOSE—store food items or use these to cover/contain pots, pans, cooking supplies, collectables or other items that you want to store and keep clean.
NO. 6

Jesdit Seafood Boil Bag (Pack of 5) Large

  • Mess Free Stand-Up Steam Bag
  • Microwaveable
  • Great for Steaming Vegetables and Poultry
  • Convenient Handheld design
  • Leak Proof, Retains Flavor
NO. 7

Jesdit Seafood Boil Bag (Pack of 5) SMALL

  • Mess Free Stand-Up Steam Bag
  • Microwaveable
  • Great for Steaming Vegetables and Poultry
  • Convenient Handheld design
  • Leak Proof, Retains Flavor
NO. 8

100 pack 6″ x 9″ resealable stand up pouch bags, mylar ziplock bags for food storage,Smell Proof,packaging pouches bag with Clear front Window

  • Stay Organized, Stay Healthy With Stand Up Pouches: The stand up pouches come in a thoughtful design with a clear front and aluminum foil back, which helps you easily store and see your contents. This allows you to save time as you can grab the bag you need quickly. The foil bags can stand on their own, which saves space and keeps your kitchen organized.
  • Ultimate Protection: Resealable stand up pouch bags can be a great help in protecting food you frequently need from insects, mice, vapor, moisture, odor and more. Resealable food pouches are great for Spices, Cereal, Granola, Snacks, Cookies, Candy, Coffee, Nuts, Seeds, Grain, Pet Treats and more. The tight zipper pouch bags are smell proof, waterproof, and have low oxygen permeability at high humidity.
  • Heat Sealable And Conveniently Resealable With Zip Top: The heat sealable feature offers complete protection for your food with easy open tear notches. The tight zipper top allows this bag to be resealable and is easy to open and close. The bags can stand on their own to help you pour things in easily. Moreover, you can fill it without worrying the pouch zipper will pop open.
  • High Quality Heavy Duty Ziplock: Perfect heat sealable bags for food with a thick barrier, clear front view and aluminum foil back that enhance the durability of the stand up pouches. The resealable zippers are strong enough to keep your food safe inside without popping open.
  • Great Value Pack Of 100 6×9 Inch Sealable Bags: 100 pack helps you save money while staying more organized and you can share the great value with your family or friends as well. The convenient size of 6″x9″ allows the stand up pouches to be helpful for multiple types of food, or anything you want to protect from odor, vapor, water or moisture.
NO. 9

Clam Bake, Seafood, Shellfish Boil Bags (10)

  • Locks in Flavor By packing your clam bake bag full of vegetables and clams, steam will be captured inside the bag, allowing for even cooking while also locking in flavors. Try adding sausage, oysters, mussels, and a helping of Old Bay seasoning for a flavorful dish!
  • Portion Control When you have a lot of guests to serve, try using this bag for portion control. You can determine the amount of clams per bag so that when properly steamed, all you have to do is pull out the bag and serve!
  • Stretchable Mesh Made of a soft, stretchable mesh, these bags have a enough room for a couple dozen clams. The mesh will even stretch to accommodate whole lobsters and corn on the cob, so that you can create a classic clam bake recipe!
  • Width: 1 1/2 Inches Height: 16 Inches
NO. 10

Wrap”N Boil Bags – 8 Ct (3 Pack) total 24 soup Bags

  • Food mess saver, Reduces Kitchen Mess, makes Cooking Easier, Clean, Convenient, Eliminates Straining, saves time & effort
  • 100% cotton and KOSHER FOR PASSOVER
  • Wrap “N Boil Bag will expand to approx. 1/2 gallon size
  • Makes individual servings easy.

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