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NO. 1

Tracki OBD to Micro USB Wiring Cable – Used for GPS Tracker Hook up to a car or a Truck – 12V Input

  • OBD2 Cable, 16Pin OBD II Male to 90 Degree Micro USB Intelligent Power stabilizer charging cable/adopter. For Tracki GPS tracker . Does not include a GPS Tracker
  • USE IT FOR ANY DEVICE that needs Micro USB power: dashcam, navigator, smarphon, tablet, etc.
  • Wire length: 7 feet (2 meters) High efficiency conversion rate from 95% to 98% when 12V input and from 88% to 90% when 24V input.
  • 1.6A over-current protection with accurate current limiting from 0-2A
  • 5.6V over-voltage protection from damaging devices
NO. 2

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker – USA Manufactured, Waterproof Magnet Mount. Full Global Coverage. 4G LTE Real-Time Tracking for Vehicle, Asset, Fleet, Elderly and more. Subscription is required.

  • Personal GPS for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets
  • Ultra-compact design | 100% Waterproof | Built-in Super Strength Magnet
  • Attaches to vehicle | Fits in small pockets | Discretely hide in a backpack, case or purse
  • Track & map (with Google Maps) in realtime on web-based software or SilverCloud App
  • Text & email alerts | Geofencing | Vehicle Tracking | Location Reporting | Historical Playback
NO. 3

LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker – USA Manufactured. 4G LTE Real Time Tracking. Fleet Tracker. Subscription is required.

  • THE ULTIMATE GPS VEHICLE TRACKER: Our ultra compact tracking system attaches to your car, truck, or SUV, and can be used to track your fleet, business vehicle, or even your teen driver
  • TRACKS MOVEMENT IN REAL-TIME: Track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or our SilverCloud App for reliable live tracking of vehicles or fleet related assets, and receive up-to-date text and email alerts
  • DISCREET TRACKING: The ultimate in discreet tracking or ‘out of sight, out of mind’; LED lights can be disabled via the app so the device won’t give away its location with glaring flashing lights
  • PLUG AND PLAY DESIGN: No additional accessories necessary! Our GPS locator device does not require a battery and plugs right into the vehicle’s OBD-II port.
  • DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Unlike other GPS systems on the market today, our products are built in the USA.3 Second updates for just $8.95 per month. Real Time Tracking
NO. 5

LandAirSea 54 Device with Waterproof Cable. USA Manufactured, Waterproof Magnet Mount. Full Global Coverage. 4G LTE Real-Time Tracking for Vehicle, Asset, Fleet, and More. Subscription is Required.

  • Waterproof, dustproof GPS Tracker with an Internal Magnet
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA (Woodstock, IL)
  • APP and Website will provide real-time tracking with secure log-in
  • Lights can be turned out (Dark Mode)
  • Geofence Alerts, Speed Alerts, InstaFence, Battery Alerts
NO. 6

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker – Vehicle, Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Senior, Kid, Belongings – Up to 4 Month Battery Life – Free 2 Year Subscription – Built-in SIM – Real-time Anti-Theft Alerts – 4G LTE-M

  • PROTECT & TRACK: 24/7 monitoring offers you peace of mind from anywhere. Perfect for tracking cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, seniors, strollers, boats, teens, valuables, children, bags and assets.
  • NEVER WORRY AGAIN: real time anti-theft alerts let you react quickly to suspicious activity. Set custom alert zones (geofencing) and receive notifications when the tracker enters or leaves them.
  • EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: up to several months between charges, various tracking modes available. Long life alarm mode (motion sensor) and 5, 10, or 30 minute update rate. Rechargeable in 1 hour.
  • NO MONTHLY FEES, NO HIDDEN FEES: 2-year subscription and built-in SIM included, then just $39.90/year. Uses 4G, LTE-M and Wi-Fi tracking. Works anywhere with AT&T coverage in the Continental USA and Hawaii.
  • STANDALONE & DISCREET: Ready to track out of the box. Set it up instantly via the app and slip it into anything you want to track.No need to plug it in while in use. Lightweight, compact, concealable.
NO. 7

Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets, Equipment, and Vehicles. Email & Text Alerts. Made in USA.

  • Simple to use – start tracking in minutes | Email & text alerts | Geofencing
  • $6.99 a month (prepaid annual) or $12.99 a month (paid monthly) for hourly pings with options for 10-min and 1-min
  • REST API | Unlimited cellular data | No contract | No activation or cancellation fees | SIM included
  • Computer, Phone, or Tablet | Great for GPS tracking of assets, inventory, and vehicles | Compact Size
  • Up to 18 months on a single charge | Change your ping rate to manage battery life | Rechargeable with a cell charger or USB cable
NO. 8

Bouncie – GPS Car Tracker, Vehicle Location, Accident Notification, Route History, Speed Monitoring, GeoFence, GPS Car Tracker, No Activation Fees, Cancel Anytime, Family or Fleets

  • $8 Monthly Service Includes
  • Realtime Driving Data
  • 15 Second Trip Auto-Refresh
  • Accident Notifications – Roadside Assistance
  • No Activation Fees – No Hidden Fees – No Return Fees – Cancel Anytime
NO. 9

Oyster2 4G/5G Cat-M1 GPS Tracker for Assets – Up to 5 Year Battery Life – Small, Waterproof GPS for Asset Tracking – Car Tracker Device – GPS Vehicle/Trailer/Asset Tracker (Subscription Required)

  • LONGEST BATTERY LIFE – 3 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries offer up to an astounding 5 YEARS of battery life with one locate per day! Not just a tracking device for cars, you can confidently use this as a GPS tracker other assets as well! Small, light, and inconspicuous.
  • UPDATES EVERY 5 MINUTES – The OysterLTE car tracker device will update it’s location every 5 minutes while moving and once per day when stationary (Recovery Mode Available)
  • INSTANT ALERTS – Receive an instant alert on your phone via text or email if your asset begins to move. Also receive alerts for geofences and low battery.
  • AFFORDABLE, NO COMMITMENT – First Month Free! – Subscription is only $14.95 per month or $149 per year | No Contract | No Activation Fee | US, Canada and Mexico coverage on both 4G and 5G Cat-M1 Towers
  • MINI CAR GPS TRACKER, WATERPROOF CASE – IP67 rated waterproof and rugged design means your GPS will continue tracking even in the harshest environments. Protect your valuable assets with this vehicle tracking device.
NO. 10

Galeo – GPS Bike Tracker, 4G LTE, Motion Sensor, Audible Alarm w/Remote Activation, SIM Included, Serial Number Shield, and Dedicated Mobile Application

  • MOTION SENSING, ALERTS, GPS, 4G LTE (SIM Included), – Galeo’s built-in accelerometer sends an alert to your phone the moment it senses motion or vibration, allowing you to sound an alarm and alert authorities before it’s too late. Galeo’s LTE enabled GPS enables you to track down your bike from any distance. Galeo comes with a built-in SIM already installed
  • REMOTE ACTIVATED AUDIBLE ALARM (90dB), RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Activate Galeo’s audible alarm right from your phone to scare away would-be thieves. GALEO’S BATTERY WILL LAST UP TO 3 WEEKS WITH REGULAR USE and can be recharged with the included 2 METER USB-C charging cable
  • OPTIONAL DATA PLAN PURCHASED SEPARATELY IN-APP – Monthly, $1.99 | Annual, $19.99 | 3-years, $49.99 ***DATA PLANS AVAILABLE IN U.S.ONLY***
  • PROJECT 529 SERIAL NUMBER SHIELD (Included) – Galeo comes complete with a Project 529 serial number shield. Register at the 529 Garage and if your bike is recovered by the police, they’ll know who to return it to. Attach Galeo to your bike with tamper-resistant bolts that give you enough time to respond before any would be thief has time to disable it
  • WATER RESISTANT, TAMPER RESISTANT, MADE IN THE USA – Galeo is designed, manufactured, and supported in the United States. Galeo was designed by a team of engineers versed in the development of ruggedized electronics and avionics, making Galeo the most robust bike theft prevention and recovery trackers in the industry.

Where to buy the land air sea 54 gps tracker in the USA and Canada?

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