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NO. 1

Temple Home Solar Mole Repellent – 2 Pack Waterproof Sonic Mole, Gropher, Groundhog, Rodent Repeller Control, Ultrasonic Solar Mole Repellant for Outdoor, Lawn and Garden (2)

  • 🌞 UNLIMITED BATTERY – No more manual charging and no more changing of battery! Each ultrasonic mole repellent device is made out of high quality solar power panel. As long as you put it under the sun, you can now sa goodbye to underground borrowing gopher, rat, squirrel, mice, and other pests!
  • 😱 FREE DURABLE SHOVEL – Yes, that is correct! Our ergonomic and multipurpose durable shovel is FREE when you buy our waterproof ultrasonic solar powered pest repeller! Use this when digging the soil for a hassle-free process of positioning the rodent repellent.
  • 💪 GUARANTEED DURABLE – This ultrasonic mole chaser is made with the best material for outdoor use. It is made with the highest quality of ABS plastic material resulting in the stake being durable. corrosion-proof, water proof, and long lasting device.
  • 🌿 CHEMICAL FREE – equipped with ultrasonic waves, it will be emitting sonic waves and vibrations to scare moles, grophers, vole, mouse, hog and other pests without using harmful chemicals, making this repeller very safe and ideal for everyone!
  • 💯% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Unsatisfied with your Mole Repellent purchase? Worry no more! Just contact us for any concerns, and we will be very happy to accommodate you within 24 hours.
NO. 2

TOMPOL Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks – DEET Free Outdoor Bug Repellent Sticks Made with Natural Plant Ingredients: Citronella, Rosemary & Lemongrass Oil – 40 Sticks Per Box

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks are made with Citronella, Lemongrass and Rosemary plant based essential oils.
  • DEET FREE — Our Repellent Incense sticks are completely DEET FREE.
  • OUTDOOR MOSQUITO PROTECTION: Each one of our MINI Incense repellent sticks can stay lit for about 45 mins (wind may impact burn time) so you can enjoy your time outdoors.
  • OPTIMAL PLACEMENT OF STICKS: We recommend customers place four or five incense sticks to create a perimeter around a patio or deck, spaced 12-15 feet apart. We recommend that you keep the sticks as low to the ground as possible.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Ideal mosquito protection while outdoors: whether at home on the patio, deck or backyard; at the park, beach, or pool deck; while camping, fishing or enjoying any other outdoor events.
NO. 3

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent, Gen 2.0, Rechargeable; Includes 12 Hr Mosquito Repellent Refill; No Candle or Flame, Easy to Use & Long Lasting Bug Spray/DEET Alternative

  • TURN IT ON MOSQUITOES GONE: Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent creates a 15-foot zone of protection against mosquitos. The easy-to-use repeller keeps mosquitoes away with the push of a button
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ADVENTURE: The durable and compact Radius is TSA-Approved and perfect for travel. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it provides 6.5 hours of mosquito protection on a single charge
  • LONG-LASTING DEFENSE: Radius provides up to 40 hours (12-hour refill included with purchase) of continuous mosquito protection per refill. Can charge while operating to extend run time
  • REPEL WITHOUT SPRAY OR SCENT: Repel mosquitoes without chemicals or sprays on your skin. No lotions or DEET to apply. No smoke, flames, or citronella. Not a messy trap or gimmicky sonic. Independently tested. EPA reviewed for safety & effectiveness
  • THERMACELL GUARANTEE: Our one-touch-simple Radius carries a 2-year warranty, extended to 3 years with free, easy registration. Developed and tested at our New England R&D center. We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
NO. 4

YPR 2021 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6-Pack – Indoor Plug in Defender for Home – Electronic Control Device – Get Rid of Cockroaches Mice Ants Mosquitoes Spiders Rodent Roaches

  • Technology that can create changeable ultrasound intermittently and alternately. Will protect your Property from any kind of Pests.
  • The ultrasonic pest repeller is effective in an indoor area upgraded up to 1250 sq.ft. It’s widely used in bedrooms, warehouses, kitchens, offices, gardens, etc
  • Just plug the bug repellent indoor into the socket, and the blue light will be on, which means it is working
  • Device is completely safe for Children and Pets. The frequency of the sound is only harmful to pests such as mice, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, snakes, rats and most of the insects.
NO. 5

Mosquito Incense Repellent Sticks with Natural Ingredients Citronella, Lemongrass and Rosemary Oil Non Toxic and DEET Free. Anti- Mosquitos Repellent Incense Sticks use Outdoor

  • ★ REPELLENT INCENSE STICKS Are 12 Inch Long With Burnt Time of 2.5 Hours Approximately (wind May Reduce Burn Time) You Will Receive 12 Repellent Biggest Incense Sticks
  • ★ NATURAL INGREDIENTS bamboo sticks with Citronella, Lemongrass and Rosemary oils – DEET FREE and pet friendly – Smell Pleasant While Deterring Unwanted Guests.
  • ★ MOSQUITOS OUTDOOR PROTECTION our repellent Biggest incense sticks are useful to deter mosquitoes especially around your favorite outdoor spaces – swimming pool, backyard, porch, patio, camping, picnic, fishing or just working at the garage during mosquito season.
  • ★ EASY TO USE Place the Mosquitos Repellent Biggest Incense Sticks around your perimeter 3 or 4 Biggest incense sticks keeping them as low to the ground as possible for better mosquitoes protection. Stuck them in flower pots or on soil.100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a lifetime guarantee. If there is any fault with the larger incense sticks, please let us know and we will send another one or give you a full refund.
NO. 6

FBMPTA Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer, Flying Insect Killer Indoor, Fly Traps, Mosquito Lamp, Insect Zappers, Electric Mosquito Attractant Trap Plug in for Home, Patio, Garden (Square)

  • 【2021 UPGRADE BUG ZAPPER】- Physical mosquito killer with UV light of special wavelength 365nm effective to attract mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects. Then it will kill mosquitoes and other insect immediately with 1000V High-voltage grid
  • 【EPA REGISTERED & ECO-FRIENDLY】- FBMPTA bug zapper is EPA registered. The mosquito zapper with no chemicals, insecticides, and harmful sprays – Pure physical Insect-Killer. The durable ABS lampshade well protect children and pests from touching the high-voltage grid
  • 【POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE】- FBMPTA fly zapper with 360? UV light. Turn it on three hours before bedtime will have the best effect. It can release as much angle at your area with 6W power consumption on 35㎡ coverage area between the source of insects and the area to be protected like bedroom, living room, office, toilet, kitchen, hotel etc
  • 【QUIET & SOFT UV LIGHT】- FBMPTA mosquito killer with soft, not too bright UV light. Almost no sound at work, and only when it is very quiet will you hear a slight buzzing sound of killing insects and bugs. You can enjoy a quiet, mosquito-free summer night
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN UP】- Our package include a small brush, all you need to do is remove the tray hidden in the bottom of flies attractant trap, which is full of dead flies, insects, bugs. Easy to clean with the small brush.
NO. 7

Bug Zapper – JORAIR Fly Swatters, 2 in 1 Mosquito Repellent, USB Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper for Backyard, Patio, 1200mAh Battery, 2200V Grid with 3-Layer Safety Mesh, Black

  • KILL BUG IN CONVENIENCE – Electric Zapper Lamp & Racket 2 IN 1 Mode, kill mosquito intensity! Racket Mode: Push the power switch to the “ON”position, presss and hold the button swith and you can kill the mosquitos intensity! Lamp Mode:With the stable base and the high-effective ultraviolet light, you can also kill the bug by opening the light to attract mosquitoes, flies and gnat, then the flying insects are trapped and electrocuted by the electrically charged metal grids and die intensity.
  • KEEP ONE MONTH QUIET WITHOUT MOSQUITO BORDERING – Our mosquito zapper built-in rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery,charge 2 hours and you get a handle bug zapper for 25-30 days usgae.Keep your family a quiet environment in summer.
  • FAST TYPE-C USB CHARGING – Not like other brand that use old style charger.This fly swatters use the newest Type-C cable, which means you can use your mobile phone charger, power bank or other electronic charger to charge it. Never worried about buying battery and the harmful effect for your family.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION FOR HUMAN BUT THE KILLER FOR BUG – The new double protection design of plastic net, the surface adopts a plastic protection layer, the front and rear sides are non-charged safety protection nets, and the middle is a high-voltage working power grid. For people, it is a low-current safe voltage, but for mosquitoes it is a high voltage. It can kill mosquitoes instantly.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND ENVIROMENTALLY- FRIENDLY BUG KILLER – This mosquito zapper racket is easy to clean after use it. The Mosquito body will not be caught inside.With this bug killer, never worry about toxic insect sprays,which are unsuitable for grilling or dining outdoors because they can contaminate your food. This mosquito killer of fly zapper does not pose any threat to your safety and is harmless for environment.
NO. 8

Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer Insect Fly Trap Mosquito Attractant Trap Control with Camping Lamp for Indoor Outdoor Backyard Patio Camping Cordless and Hangable

  • Premium Mosquito Zapper:This bug zapper eliminates any flying insect indoor and outdoors. With UV black light and circuit board technology to lure and kill all types of mosquitoes and flying insects.Uses 30% less energy provides 20% more bulb life, effortlessly gets rid of your annoying bug problem.
  • Round-the-clock Protection:The internal high effective 360°electrical grid is reliably fenced with ABS housing to prevent prevents children and pets from touching charged grid. Our electric bug zapper is durable to withstand rain, wind and most non-severe weather conditions. Keep your summer evenings pest-free.
  • Zero Noise & Nature Friendly:All-Natural premium mosquito zapping system.This outdoor bug zapper with bulb doesn’t make any sound at all! Non-toxic and chemical free, no foul odors. Remove insect debris by flushing or brush once a week. our bug zapper is sure to become a new essential in your house.
  • Ultimate Camping Companion:The bottom of the bug zapper is equipped with 3 lighting mode ( warm light, cold light and emergency red light). Additional detachable leather Handle for Versatile Hanging. Release your hand and get a peace no bug time and enjoy outdoor fun.
  • Maximum Convenience:Just plug it in. turn it on. watch it work.This electric bug zappers can help you get back to what summer’s all about,relaxing and enjoying yourself all season long. Allows you to enjoy your outdoor areas free from insect bites and annoyances. Take back your home from irritating insects and enjoy your yard and patio without ever worrying about bug bites.
NO. 9

Outdoor 96-Piece Mosquito Patch for Adults and Children–Natural Plant Ingredients, no Sweetener

  • Made from plant essential oils. Pure natural, no additives
  • Light weight and easy to use, you can paste them on clothes, tents, tables, chairs, strollers and backpacks.
  • 600 hours of effective protection, each patch lasts for 72 hours.
  • Paste it anywhere without affecting work or any outdoor sports.
  • Completely suitable for all outdoor and indoor environments, very suitable for travel and vacation or any activity.
NO. 10

Bug Zapper, 4250V Electronic Mosquito Zapper for Outdoor and Indoor, Waterproof Insect Fly Traps Mosquito Killer for Patio, Home and Garden

  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT BUG ZAPPER: The electronic mosquito killer use 20W high intensity ultraviolet bulbs which can emits a 365 nm wavelength, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects. With the help of an internal 4250V electric grid could instantly killing them off reduce mosquito interference.
  • LARGE EFFECTIVE AREA: The coverage area for this high-powered electric bug zapper up to 1200 sq ft. Fit for courtyard, garden, backyard, camping, fishing etc, it works better in places far from human activity. Effective indoor and outdoor bugs control.
  • SAFETY FIRST, ECO FRIENDLY: Made of fireproof and handy ABS material, meet the fly zapper with no chemicals, insecticides and harmful sprays, only the effect of current, which electrocutes mosquitoes upon contact. The internal grid is fenced with a plastic housing to prevent your finger from accidental contact.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, WARTERPROOF: Removable bottom tray of electric bug zapper collects the insect debris, just disassemble it to clean the pest bodies and easy to assemble it back. The matching brush make it easy to clean. Unique waterproof design, it can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • BUG ZAPPER OUTDOOR: Just place the electric bug killer on a flat surface or use a ring to hang it on a tree, porch and everywhere you want. With an extended 4 ft. (47 inches) power cord, you can easily hand it over your patio or somewhere near your grill.

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