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NO. 1

Clore Automotive PL4020, Pro-Logix 4-Bank, 8-Amp (2-Amp Per Bank) Fully Automatic Smart Charger, 12V Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Desulfator with Temperature Compensation, Black

  • 12 Volt Charging and Maintaining
  • Four independent channels. 2 amps per channel
  • Fully automatic, multi-phase process
  • Enhanced maintenance mode for long term charging
  • Includes (4) clamp output leads
NO. 2

DPI XCEL Gen-V 10-Channel (Multi-Bank) Battery Charger/Maintainer

  • Compatibility: 6, 8, 12 Volt Lead Acid, AGM Gel-Cell 4 cell Lithium Ion/Green Battery Chemistries
  • UL/CSA listed, no spark charging, reverse battery protection, 10x -4feet output leads with red/black battery clamps
  • 2x LED’s per channel, LCD Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz worldwide universal input
  • Output: 2Vdc to 15Vdc, 500mAdc per channel. 1inx3in214in (2.5 x 7.62x 35.8cm)
  • 3.76lbs (1.71kg)
NO. 3

Schumacher DSR ProSeries Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer – 6V/12V, 8-Bank – Compatible with Batteries for Cars, Motorcycles, Lawn Tractors, Power Sports, and Marine Equipment

  • COMPATIBILITY: Professional grade charger works with batteries for cars, motorcycles, lawn tractors, power sports, and marine equipment
  • SAFE: Includes a recovery setting, overcharge protection, and fan cooling
  • SMART: Minimizes charge time and avoids overloads by automatically selecting from 2 to 12 amps output per bank
  • HARD-WORKING: Charges 8 different batteries at the same time and features 8 fully automatic microprocessor-controlled charging banks
  • MULTIPLE CABLES INCLUDED: Includes 8 detachable 6-foot cables with 75-amp color-coded clamps
NO. 4

Extreme Max 1229.4023 Battery Buddy 4-Bank Battery Charger/Maintainer

  • Allows simultaneous charge of up to four 12-volt lead-acid batteries – Each cord set measures 4′ 10″ in length for maximum efficiency and range
  • 12V 2A per charging bank
  • LED light indicators show battery status
  • Protection against wrong connections and short-circuiting
  • No risk of overheating charger or batteries
NO. 5

BLACKCUBE 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer 4-Amp Full Automatic 10-Stages Trickle Charging with Clamps for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower, Boat RV, SUV, ATV

  • Compatibility-suitable for all 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries less than 120Ah, such as AGM, GEL, SLA, immersion liquid (WET), calcium type deep cycle automobile, or marine 4.0Ah-100Ah 12V battery. BLACKCUBE battery maintenance charger is a great choice for cars, trucks (small), motorcycles, lawnmowers, tricycles, electric vehicles, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, boats, yachts, and motorboats.
  • 10-tages automatic charging -12V battery charger carries out 10-stages automatic charging process operation through MCU controller: Compensation Charge, Devulcanization, Repair ,Pulse current charge , CC, CV, Floating Charge, flat charge, Analysis Battery, Compensation Charge to indicate power and monitor the entire charging process. It will stop automatically when the battery is fully charged. (Note: only 12v battery supports trick current charging)
  • Intelligent battery maintenance-maintain various types of 6V or 12V lead-acid batteries, up to 120Ah. The intelligent control system with powerful pulse repair technology can eliminate vulcanization, repair slightly damaged batteries, reduce water loss, and extend battery life. Make your battery more powerful.
  • Intelligent detection and intuitive LCD screen-When low voltage, vulcanization, or battery capacity loss are detected, the BLACKCUBE battery has lost its value and cannot be repaired. The LCD screen clearly displays the charging status, battery voltage/current, and battery status, and provides visual feedback and diagnostic information even in maintenance mode.
  • Multiple safety protection functions-made of flame-retardant materials. It has a variety of safety protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overheat protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, full charge stop protection, etc. (Reminder: Our battery charger is not a starter charge LiFePO4 batteries.)
NO. 6

Schumacher DSR ProSeries Automatic Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer – 10 Amps, 6V/12V 4-Bank- for Cars, Motorcycles, Lawn Tractors, Power Sports, Marine Batteries

  • SMART CHARGE: Professional-grade, 4-bank charger that minimizes charge time and avoids overloads by automatically selecting between 2–10 amps of output per bank
  • VERSATILE: Works for cars, motorcycles, lawn tractors, power sports, and marine batteries
  • SAFE: Equipped with a safe-start reverse polarity and short-circuit protection, ensuring the charger will not apply current to the battery clamps until they are properly connected
  • FAST-ACTING: Each bank is fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled, capable of charging 4 batteries at once
  • MAXIMIZE OUTPUT: Connect two banks to the same battery to double the charging output current
NO. 7

Schumacher Fully Automatic Battery Charger, Maintainer, and Auto Desulfator with Battery Detection – 15 Amp/3 Amp, 6V/12V – For Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Marine, RVs

  • RELIABLE POWER: Delivers 15 Amp charge and 3 Amp to maintain car, truck, SUV, RV, and marine batteries; compatible with standard AGM, and deep-cycle batteries
  • SMART CHARGING: Microprocessor-controlled automatic amperage rate adjustment and multi-stage charging for added precision, safety, and battery life
  • LED DISPLAY: Includes digital display, LED light indicators, and simple button controls for ease of use
  • VOLTAGE DETECTION: Automatically detects 6V or 12V batteries
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: Reverse hook-up protection prevents the charger from operating if the clamps are reversed
NO. 8

Car Battery Chargers, 12V 5A Smart Automotive Battery Charger/Maintainer Fully Automatic Trickle Charger with LCD Display and Multi protection for Car battery, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower, Boat(red)

  • 【Wide Application Charger:👍Aybe 12v automotive charger is suitable for all batteries within 6-150Ah(12V), such as Car batteries, Motorcycle batteries , Lawn Mower batteries .
  • 【Easy to use & Simple to connect:👍 Clear positive and negative lines, easy to connect, and have reverse polarity protection. And with Intelligent Digital Display, displays charging status and battery status, charge voltage, charge current, etc
  • 【Battery maintainer:👍 It provides constant voltage charge for optimal maintenance of the battery. And over-charge protection enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.
  • 【Multiple protection:👍 Built in circuit protection guards against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating. Avoid any dangerous situation. ideal for carefree long-term maintenance charging.
  • 【LCD display:👍 Automotive smart battery charger using a backlit LCD display, clearly and visibly shows LCD screen displays charging status and battery status; charge voltage, charge current temperature, battery full,summer mode, winter mode, etc.
NO. 9

6V 12V 1.5A Battery Charger Automatic Battery Maintainer trickle Charger 4 Stages for Auto Car Motorcycle Lawn Mower Boat Motorcycle Snowmobile

  • ✅【Safety Guarantee 】Multi protection against Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Over Voltage/Current, Over Charge/Discharge, Overload, Overheat; Spark proof during lead connection; Water and dust resistant float battery charger, full-loaded and burn-in test proves its stable performance and high reliability.
  • ✅【Automatic and High Efficiency】Trickle Charger automatically switches to float mode after fully charging the battery by microprocessor controlled program. No need of any manual operation
  • ✅【Intuitive LED Indicator 】 6/12 volt automotive battery maintainer charger provide visual state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information, even when in maintenance mode. Input 100-240V, ultra-compact and lightweight, easy to carry the motorcycle charger everywhere.
  • ✅【Multifunctional】This battery charger is perfect for charging all 6V / 12V Lead Acid / SLA / VRLA / GEL / AGM / WET battery for cars, motorcycles, ATVS, RVs, Powersports, boat, scooters, golf carts, lawn mowers and more devices
NO. 10

ADPOW Automotive Smart Battery Charger 12V 24V 12A Automatic Car Battery Maintainer Intelligent Pulse Repair for Boat Marine Truck Lawn Mower Deep Cycle Battery with Terminal Clean Brush

  • Multiple protections: Reverse, Overheating,Low voltage,Short circuit,Over current protection.
  • Intelligent:Shorter charging time due to optimized charging process.
  • Optimization:Stabilizes internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity.
  • Energy-saving:When the battery is fully charged,it will automatic stop.
  • Differnt Voltage Standard:The voltage standard is different when on automatic and manual charge. The automatic charge is about 14.3v,manual charge is about 14.8v. So there will show two different readings when you change the charging ways. Please notice DO NOT charge the battery for long time

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