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NO. 1

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger 1S-6S Digital Battery Pack Charger for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Packs LCD Hobby Battery Charger w/ Tamiya/JST/EC3/HiTec/Deans Connectors + Power Supply 01435

  • One charger for many battery packs – Tenergy TB6-B balance charger/discharger is ideal for all hobby battery packs that are NiMH, NiCd, LiPO, Li-ion, LiFePO4, and SLA battery packs.
  • Wide connector compatibility – With one multi-charging harness, this AC balance charger is compatible with battery packs with tamiya, mini tamiya, JST, HiTec, EC3, Deans, XT60, and bare leads connectors so that additional connectors can be added.
  • Works with multiple voltages – Compatible with battery packs with voltages that ranges from 6 to 12 for nickel metal hydride or nickel–cadmium battery packs and Lithium-ion battery packs with voltages from 3.7 volts to 22.2 volts (1s-6s).
  • Multiple functions – More than a regular digital balance charger, Tenergy TB6-B comes with features like Li-ion and LiPO balancing, fast charging, data storage, cyclic charging, discharging, and much more for all of your battery packs.
  • Easy to read screen – View all charging statuses and settings on the electronic balance charger LCD screen as you navigate the modes and selections. Buy with confidence, your charger includes Tenergy a 12-month warranty.
NO. 2

Tenergy T180 100W Balance Charger Discharger, Touch Screen RC Battery Charger for NiMH/NiCd/Li-Po/Li-Fe Packs, Durable Metal Housing, LiPo Battery Charger w/ Tamiya/JST/EC3/HiTec/Deans Connectors

  • High charging output – Spend more time enjoying your hobbies and less time charging. Use Tenergy’s professional T180 LiPo balance charger discharger for double the charging output, up to 10Amp. Recharges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, Li-ion, LiFePO4, or SLA battery packs on. Multi-charging harness enables wide compatibility with a variety of connectors like Tamiya, Mini Tamiya, JST, HiTec, EC3, and Deans.*NOT Intended for charging/discharging PRIUS battery
  • Safe efficient cooling – This high quality RC hobbies balance charger discharger has built-in safety protections against over voltage, overheating, over current, short circuit, and reverse polarity. Additional dual cooling features like an internal fan and field tested all metal housing reduces internal heat and extends charger life span.
  • Intuitive touchscreen control – Easy to use large touch screen controls makes learning how to use the product straight forward. Easily set up and view charging status with this digital balance charger by tapping the touch screen buttons. Recharge a wide variety of chemistry configurations like NiMH/NiCd 1.2V-19.2V (1-16S), LiPo/Li-ion 3.7V-22.2V (1-6S), LiFepo4 3.2V-19.2V, PB/SLA 2V-20V (1-10S).
  • Multiple functions – Tenergy T180 smart digital battery pack charger has detailed information like graphical charging curve and balancing information of each individual cell of the pack. This charger also features functions like balancing, fast charging, data storage, cyclic charging, and discharging.
  • Mobile balance charger – A portable battery pack balance charger works anywhere you go and the compact design fits in a field box. Recharge your battery packs using a car battery or on any AC outlet with worldwide 100-240V AC adapter. Buy with confidence, the charger features a 12-month warranty and is CE certified.
NO. 3

Tenergy Universal RC Battery Charger for NiMH/NiCd 6V-12V Battery Packs, Fast Charger for RC Car, Airsoft Batteries, Compatible with Standard Size Tamiya/Mini Tamiya/Alligator Clips Connectors 01025

  • Fast charge – NiCd/NiMH battery pack charger that provides 1Amp or 2Amp options. Quickly charge your battery packs; 1Amp is recommended for 1000-1800mAh packs, and 2Amp is recommended for any pack over 2000mAh.
  • Universal smart charger – Charges battery packs based on automatic voltage detection. Charges your NiMH or NiCd battery packs that are 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V 10.8V, and 12V battery packs.
  • Easy-to-use – A great airsoft battery charger or RC car battery charger with simple LED indicators for charging status. Green light for fully charged and red light for charging.
  • Hobby battery charger – Power all your hobbies with one charger. Charge your NiMh/NiCd battery packs for Airsoft, RC Cars, and or remote controlled toys. Includes standard size Tamiya connector, standard to mini Tamiya adapter, standard Tamiya to Alligator Clips adapter.
  • Tenergy safe – To give you peace of mind, Tenergy’s chargers meet rigorous American UL 60950-1 safety standards. For added security, the charger also includes a temperature sensor to prevent over-heating while charging. Buy with confidence, your charger includes a 12-month warranty.
NO. 4

NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger Universal RC Battery Charger for NiMH/NiCd Battery(2-10S), 500-800mA Charging Current,AC-DC Plug Charger,5 Converter Plugs for RC Hobbies, Airsoft Battery Packs

  • 【Wide Battery Type Compatability】-The 12V 500mA-800mA NiMH battery charger can charge NiMH/NiCd battery packs that are 3.6V,4.8V,6V,7.2V, 8.4V,9.6V,10.8V,12.0v (2-10 cells). NOTE: This charger is only for recharging NiMH/NiCd batteries, do not charge LiPo /Li-ion/LiFePO4 batteries.
  • 【RC Car NimH NiCd Battery Charger】 – Cover 90% Rc Car Battery Range with different plugs.
  • 【AC to Dc power adapter】-the NimH/NiCd charger with terminal barrel plug, and 5 more plug converters, inc. Standard Tamiya Connector, Mini Tamiya, JST Plug, SM Plug 2P, Barrel Plug,Rc Car Plugs
  • 【LED Charging Indicator】-The simple LED indicator displays your battery charging status. Green light for fully charged and red light for charging Processing.
  • 【Smart Protections】- Charger has built-in safety protections against reverse polarity, short circuit, and over-current protection. The universal 100-240V AC input enables this charger to be used anywhere.
NO. 5

Crazepony 2pcs USB Charger Cable 1A with XH-3P Connector for Hosim Q903 Q905 Axial SCX10 2S 7.4V LiPo Battery RC Car Rock Crawler FPV Drone Quadcopter

  • The LiPo Battery USB Charger Cable has indicator, IC protection circuit
  • Input: DC 5V, Output current: 1000mA
  • Suit for 7.4V Lipo battery XH-3pin plug, it take 4 hours to charge full. (It is not recommended to use this charger with a battery below 500mah)
  • Intelligent protection:overload protection, over-voltage protection,overcharge protection
  • Charging: Green Light Flash, Red Light Solid; Full Charged: Green and Red Light all Solid; Alarm: Red Light Flash Quickly
NO. 6

LiPo Charger Lipo Battery Balance Charger RC Charger RC Car Battery Charger Discharger 150W 10A 1-6S AC/DC for Li-ion/Life/NiCd/NiMH/LiHV/PB/Smart Battery(Battery Charger Adapter)

  • [Universal Voltage Compatibility]- the battery balance charger support LiPo/Li-ion 3.7V-22.2V (1S-6S), with voltage capabilities such as 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V. LiFePO4 3.2V-19.2V (1S-6S), with popular options of 9.6V, 12.8V, 16V. LiHV 3.8V-22.8V(1S-6S). NiMH/NiCd 1.2V-18V (1S-15S), with popular options of 6V, 7.2V, 9.6V, 12V. PB 2-20V (1-10 Cells) and smart battery.Note: Do not choose the wrong type of battery when charging.
  • [Multiple Functions]: Compare to a regular digital balance charger,C150 Battery Charger comes with features like Li-ion and LiPO balance charging, fast charging, data storage, battery meter, NiMH cyclic charging and discharging and much more for all of your battery packs
  • [Terminal Voltage Control]- This Charger allows user to set the charge/discharge end voltage of the battery. For example:lipo battery end voltage is 4.2V /cell when charing, while on this charger, the end voltage is adjustable, rangs from 3.85v to 4.3v. Warning: this features for expert only!
  • [Smart Protection]:Low input voltage limit, automatic charge current limit, Delta-peak sensitivity, capacity limit, processing time limit,temperature threshold. Data storage and loading: 20 memory data. Firmware update
  • [What You Get] – The AC/DC balance charger comes with AC Power Cord,DC Cable,Balance Board,Explosion Proof Bag .Package also comes with octopus multi-charging harness with TAMIYA, TAMIYA mini, JST, T Plug, EC3,TRX,Deans connectors to be compatible with many charging connectors
NO. 7

LiPo Charger Dual Port RC Battery Charger RC Car Balance Battery Charger Discharger AC 150W DC 240W 10A for LiPo/Li-ion/Life(1-6s) NiCd/NiMH/LiHV/PB Smart Battery RC Car Charger

  • DUAL CHARGING PORT lipo charger- you can charge 2 different types of batteries simultaneously with different voltages. This rc charger is multi-functional
  • UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY dual lipo charger – This dual battery charger supports varieties of batteries: 1-6s LiIon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV;1-15cell NiCd/NiMH; 2-20V PB battery; Smart Battery I,II,III 5-27V,0.1-6A.( Tips: Please choose the right type of battery when charging.)
  • TERMINAL VOLTAGE CONTROL-The rc lipo battery charger is allowed to set the charge/discharge voltage. Full plastic shell, safe, compact, beautiful. The built-in cooling fan comes with a power switch.
  • MAX SAFETY dual lipo charger-Low input voltage limit, automatic charge current limit, Delta-peak sensitivity, capacity limit, processing time limit,temperature threshold. Data storage and loading: 20 memory data each channel. Support firmware upgrade.The charger shell is made of high-quality fireproof materials and has passed the experimental certification, so it can be used safely.
  • [What You Get]-1* C240 charger, 2* Charge cable banana plug to T-Plug, 2* Extension charge cable T-Plug to XT60, 2* balance board with pin cord, 1* AC cord, 1* DC cord, 1* user’s manual. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any question.
NO. 8

melasta 7.2V 9.6V 8.4V RC Car Battery Charger for Redcat Racing Hexfly NiMH Battery and Standard Tamiya Battery, 2.4V-12V NiMH/NiCD Universal RC Charger

  • 2 in 1 RC Battery Charger: The Melasta RC charger has a standard tamiya connector that fits most NiMH RC batteries and it comes with an extra HXT 4.0mm banana plug for Redcat Hexfly NiMH batteries. Universally charges Ni-MH or Ni-CD battery packs of 2.4V-12V voltage.
  • Smart Trickle Charger: Automatically detects the voltage of your battery and shuts off when battery is fully charged in order to avoid over-charge. Charges at a 800mA for 2.4V-7.2V battery or 500mA for 8.4V-9.6V battery. Typical charging time is 6-10 hours depends on battery capacity.
  • Intuitive Charge Indicator: LED light on the charger stays in Red during charging process and turns Green when battery is fully charged. Flashing red indicates that there is a bad connection.
  • Safe & Reliable: Built-in protections guards against over-charge, over-current, short circuit and reverse polarity, protects your battery and extend its’ longevity. Note: DO NOT charge LiPO batteries with this charger.
  • Customer Friendly Service: Melasta NiMH RC charger comes 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months replacement warranty. Do not hesitate to us know if you have any question about our product.
NO. 9

Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus 100 Watt NiMH/LiPo Dual Charger with iD System

  • Charger recognizes Traxxas iD batteries to automatically program and optimize charger settings
  • 100-Watt output for charging 5-8-cell NiMH batteries and 2S and 3S LiPO batteries
  • Advanced Mode for full manual control of charger settings and integrated balance ports for conventional LiPO batteries
  • Easy to use interface with charge progress indicator, audible alerts, and integrated cooling fan
  • Charges a NiMH and LiPO at the same time with one button LiPO storage charge to protect your battery investment
NO. 10

Dual Lipo Charger for Traxxas RC Battery – Duo Fast Balance Discharger AC 150W DC 240W – 1-6S Li-Ion NiMH Batteries for Pro RC Car, Boat, Drone, Airsoft Included Fireproof Lipo Bag and Charging Board

  • Easy to Use Colored Touch Screen – Our lipo charger features an intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface with no physical buttons to wear out – makes charging a breeze even for beginners. The 3.2” LCD screen is bright and easy to see , even in full light. The real time progress bar graphs and audible alerts keep you informed of each charge.
  • Charge Multiple and Different Battery Types – Being a true twin-channel charger with two indipendent Circuits, you can charge 2 different battery types simultaneously (not on the same channel) to their maximum capacity. This provides the flexibility to set charging parameters independently for each channel to accommodate any need for 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S or 6S LiPo, 1-15S NiMh / NiCd or 1-12S Pb batteries.
  • Built-in AC/DC Ports for Portability – Input Voltage of 100-240V AC or 11.0-18.0V DC for use on the go when you are out in the field at your next rc truck, boat, drone or any other event (alligator clips included for easy connect to a car battery.) Support power distribution: AC 2*75W and DC 2*120W max power. Charge current is 0.1-10A*2 and discharger current is 0.1-2A*2.
  • Multiple Functions for All Your Needs- The LGD240 balance charger’s Storage Mode protects your LiPo battery investment by safely preparing the batteries for extended storage. Other functions include Li-ion and LiPo Balance Charging, fast charging, discharge, storage, battery meter, NiMH cyclic charging, low input voltage limit, automatic charge current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold, data storage and loading, and many more functions
  • Complete Kit for the RC Enthusiast- Charging faster means more fun time behind the wheel. That’s why we have included a XT60 Parallel Charging Board that supports up to 6 LiPo Batteries Simultaneously (same number of cells). And because your safety is our priority, you will also receive 1 Fireproof Battery Bag that can be used for safe transporting, storing, and charging your batteries. Buy with confidence

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